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Free Science KS1 Teaching Resources for Primary Teachers

KS1 Science – Learning & Topics

During Key Stage 1, children observe and explore living things and materials. They begin to collect evidence to answer simple questions and relate this to scientific ideas. Children consider if their tests are fair. They use reference materials to find information and begin to communicate using scientific language.

Children learn about life processes and differences between living and non-living things. They compare humans and animals and their differences and similarities. Children learn about what plants need to grow. They find out about different kinds of plants and animals in the environment.

Children at Key Stage 1 use their senses to identify similarities and differences between materials. They sort these into groups based on simple properties of materials and also consider the use of a variety of materials. At Key Stage 1, children learn how the shape of objects made from some materials can be changed. For example, by squashing or bending them. They describe how everyday materials change when heated or cooled, such as bread, water or chocolate.

During Key Stage 1, children learn about appliances that use electricity and making simple circuits. They are introduced to forces in terms of pushes and pulls. Children identify light sources and sound sources.

Science Resources

This section contains materials that can be used to support planning and resourcing Science at Key Stage 1. There are resources on animals, electricity and uses of energy. These can support delivering the Key Stage 1 Science programme of study.

Jeans for Genes has some great video and text resources when talking about science and genes. Explanations are made fun and simple. Pupils will also get some real life examples of genes in different people; how they can be different being the main thing looked at.

Schoolslinks have plenty of Science resources for KS1 pupils. It covers a range of simple topics such as plants, humans, sounds, magnets, habitats and more.


21 Key Free Teaching Resources

UN World Food Programme

UN World Food Programme

Learn about nutritious school meals and global hunger with the story of a Kenyan school girl named Molly, who can stay in education thanks to the meals she receives at school.

Find out more about UN World Food Programme



Free teaching resources to help you develop informed, responsible and active citizens.

Find out more about RSPCA

Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day

Free downloadable resources for Jeans for Genes Day, designed to bring your PSHE, science and genetics curricula to life. The resources include compelling films, teacher’s notes & worksheets.

Find out more about Jeans for Genes Day



Check out Sightsavers resources for KS1 and 2. They offer a curriculum linked i:care teachers pack and kids activity sheet; both can be ordered or downloaded for free on their website.

Visit their website

BP Educational Service

BP Educational Service

Providing free teaching resources for primary Science at Key Stages 1 and 2.

Find out more about BPES Primary

Learn With Dogs

Learn With Dogs

Free downloadable resources that include information on responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs to help educate the dog owners of tomorrow.

Find out more about Learn With Dogs



Link the curriculum to pets in fun and engaging ways with PDSA’s free downloadable lesson plans, videos and interactive games aimed at Key Stage 1, 2 and 3 pupils

Find out more about PDSA

British Red Cross

British Red Cross

‘Life. Live it. First aid education for children’ - helping you teach first aid

Find out more about British Red Cross Primary



Morrison’s have lesson plans, tips, guides and more that Primary and Secondary School teachers can access about schools growing their own food.

Find out more about Morrisons



Site for Primary School Science learning for it contains multiple resources about many different topics.

Find out more about Schoolslinks


SEN Teacher

Tools and printable resources to help with Primary School children with Learning Difficulties & Disabilities.

Find out more about SEN Teacher


PETA Foundation

Peta Foundation has brilliant resources as it contains videos, posters, images and so much more.

Find out more about PETA Foundation



E-on is a easy-to-use site that teaches children about the uses of energy and provides resources for teachers to use in the classroom.

Find out more about E-On


Association for Science Education

The ASE provides opportunities for professional development and a chance to provide your own Science resources.

Find out more about the Association for Science Education



A Science site for Primary School teachers helping them to use areas outside the classroom as a useful place.

Find out more about Teachernet


BNSC British National Space Centre

BNSC has teachers resources and video clips that educates students about Space.

Find out more about BNSC


N Power

N Power is a really helpful site to use when teaching students about Electricity in Science classes.

Find out more about N Power


Schools Tube

Schools Tube is a great way for teachers and their students to submit audiovisual content for it to be shared and used by others.

Find out more about Schools Tube


Primary Tools

Assessment and Curricular Documents all on single sheets from Primary tools for Primary Schools.

Find out more about Primary Tools


Science Museum

Science Museum has events suitable for Science KS1, KS2 and KS3 pupils.

Find out more about Science Museum


Instant Display

Instant Display provides colourful, engaging posters for classrooms that cover various subjects.

Find out more about Instant Display


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