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Free Science KS4 Teaching Resources for Secondary Teachers

What is Taught in KS4 Science

For pupils in Key Stage 4, they encounter scientific theories, models and ideas. They consider how evidence from testing ideas is used to develop theories. Pupils are taught how scientific data is collected and analysed.

At Key Stage 4, pupils develop their practical and enquiry skills. They plan to test an idea or answer a scientific question. Data is collected from primary and secondary sources. Pupils are required to work accurately with due regard for safety when collecting first-hand data. They evaluate how data was collected and consider the reliability. Communication skills are an important aspect at Key Stage 4 with pupils needing to present information and data, develop a case and draw a conclusion. This is supported by the use of scientific, technical and mathematical language.

Key Areas

The key areas in which these skills are developed relate to: organisms and health; chemical and material behaviour; energy, electricity and radiations; environment, Earth and universe.

BP Educational Service has resources for topics covered at Secondary School level. There are packs, games and examples which can help with the detailed teaching of GCSE Science. Resources on this page talk about energy, materials and more.


The resources contained in this section can be used to support pupils in developing skills, knowledge and understanding within the Key Stage 4 curriculum for Science.

For Chemistry classes, Whynotchemeng is a brilliant site to use when educating pupils about Chemical Engineers. It talks about the opportunities that this type of career provides as well as talking about what the actual job is.

When revising for an area of GCSE Science, SpiderScribe is fantastic as is is an online mind map site which links up a pupils own ideas, images, videos and documents. Dates, times and locations can also be added and through this site a pupil can put all they need to revise on one page.


27 Key Free Teaching Resources

Learners Cloud

Learners Cloud

Watch hundreds of in-depth HD GCSE revision videos led by real GCSE tutors, each with Test & Learn questions. They’re fun, easy to follow and designed to complement classroom learning.

Find out more about Learners Cloud

Practical Action

Practical Action

Inspiring resources on sustainability, climate change, renewable energy and global learning

Find out more about Practical Action

Future Morph

Future Morph

Future Morph website relaunched to highlight career opportunities from science and maths

Find out more about Future Morph

Jeans for Genes Day

Jeans for Genes Day

Free downloadable resources for Jeans for Genes Day, designed to bring your PSHE, science and genetics curricula to life. The resources include compelling films, teacher’s notes & worksheets.

Find out more about Jeans for Genes Day

BP Educational Service

BP Educational Service

Providing innovative curriculum-linked free teaching resources for secondary Science, Geography & Business Studies at Key Stages 3 and 4.

Find out more about BPES Secondary



IFAW offers animal welfare and conservation-themed teaching resources and films aligned with UK curricula. This year’s theme, Elephants Never Forget, explores the world of elephants and the challenges they face.

Find out more about IFAW

Wellcome Trust

Wellcome Trust

How well do your students know their brains? New Big Picture Debates the Brain App – a free resource for classroom use.

Find out more about Wellcome Trust

UN World Food Programme

UN World Food Programme

Learn about nutritious school meals and global hunger with the story of a Kenyan school girl named Molly, who can stay in education thanks to the meals she receives at school.

Find out more about UN World Food Programme



Free teaching resources to help you develop informed, responsible and active citizens.

Find out more about RSPCA



Free teaching resources, plus everything you need to know about careers in chemical engineering.

Find out more about Why not Chemeng


Planet Science

Planet Science is a site that both teachers and students (of all ages) can use and it comes with science resources.

Find out more about Planet Science


Natural History Museum

The NHM offers resources, online videos and activities for both Science and Geography in Primary and Secondary School learning.

Find out more about N.H.M



Resources for KS3 Science and PSHE students about smoking and it also has teachers’ resources.

Find out more about Boots



Dyson have created a Telescope Game that can be played on the web or IPhone which is brilliant for Design & Technology and Science students.

Find out more about Dyson



Caret is a colourful site with various games about Science for students.

Find out more about Caret


Planet Earth Centre

Planet Earth Centre provides a GCSE in Astronomy and comes with a free monthly sky map.

Find out more about Planet Earth Centre


At Bristol

At Bristol is a site that teaches you about different parts of the brain and body and what they can be used for.

Find out more about At Bristol


100 Percent Me

100 Percent me has a range of information that talks about athletes, sport and substance use for P.E. and Science subjects.

Find out more about 100 Percent Me


Teach PE

Can be used for Secondary School PE and Science classes as it has resources and quizzes to help teach and revise.

Find out more about Teach PE



Online Mind Mapping App from SpiderScribe for Upper KS2, KS3 and KS4

Find out more about SpiderScribe


Centre Alternative Technology

Centre Alternative Technology has many brilliant resources that talk about the impact on our world.

Find out more about Centre Alternative Technology


BSI British Standards

This is a Design & Technology site that can be used with KS1, 2 & 3 students in helping them understand British Standards.

Find out more about BSI British Standards


Association for Science Education

The ASE provides opportunities for professional development and a chance to provide your own Science resources.

Find out more about the Association for Science Education


BNSC British National Space Centre

BNSC has teachers resources and video clips that educates students about Space.

Find out more about BNSC


Curriculum Bits for Science

Curriculum Bits covers the main aspects of Science: Biology, Chemistry and Physics for Secondary Learning with resources.

Find out more about Curriculum Bits for Science


Education Forum

Education Forum contains GCSE PE test, revision and key word resources.

Find out more about Education Forum



Morrison’s have lesson plans, tips, guides and more that Primary and Secondary School teachers can access about schools growing their own food.

Find out more about Morrisons


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